Job openings

Goleta Presbyterian Church

Goleta, California

Office Manager and Treasurer

Goleta Presbyterian Church is looking for a part-time Office Manager and Treasurer to help with the day-to-day operations of the church. GPC is looking for an ambassador for God's love and grace who would welcome visitors to the church, answer incoming questions, and assist the Pastor and church staff with the newsletter, bulletins, and other church communications and materials. As Treasurer, they would help maintain the financial records of the church, keep track of giving, and process payroll and other checks.

Preferred hours are 9am - 4pm with Tuesday through Fridays.

Director for Children, Family, and Youth Ministries

The Director for Children, Youth, and Family Ministries is responsible for leading a program of Christ centered activities and Christian discipleship to reach out to the children and youth and their families in the community of Goleta with the message of Christ’s love. Being with and encouraging the Christian development of children and youth is the most important component of the job. Additionally, an understanding of theology, pedagogy, and leadership is crucial as this position requires more than administrative skills. An individual who values diversity and multicultural awareness is essential. As a member of the church staff, the Director for Children, Youth, and Family Ministries will work as part of a team with the Children, Youth, and Family Ministry Team, the Personnel Ministry Team, the GPC Administrative Assistant, and the Pastor.

At Goleta Presbyterian Church we are in the process of revitalizing and reimagining our children, youth, and family ministries. We are looking for a creative and loving individual, who is eager to think outside of the box with regard to ministry, discipleship, and program. We hope for someone who is patient with those who value traditional models of ministry, but someone who is also willing to model and implement new ways of engaging children and youth. It is essential for the person in this position to be familiar with how people grow in faith and that faith formation is more than the accumulation of information. Faith formation is about transformation. While we have implemented some new programs throughout the past year that are working well, we hope this individual will expand upon these programs, creating additional opportunities for ministry.

For more information, contact Michael Joiner GPC - email to

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Stonebridge Community Church

Simi Valley, California

Youth & Families Director

StoneBridge Community Church (SBCC) is a Christian community of faith made up of ordinary people from all walks of life. SBCC desires to reach the lost, make disciples, and send them out to serve. The church’s three core values are worship, growth groups, and service. SBCC places an emphasis on young families, children and youth. SBCC is currently looking for qualified applicants for this position.

Job Overview:

Primarily, this position will provide all programming for middle school students, high school students and their families. The director will work in coordination with all other programming staff, including Pastor – Head of Staff, Associate Pastor, and Children’s & Families Director. Additionally, the director will also work with and help lead a team of enthusiastic volunteers.

Responsibilities and Duties:


- Programing and discipleship of youth and families

- Outreach: Attracting new youth and families

- Teaching youth group(s) & providing worship

- Developing youth group lessons and/or leverage existing curriculum

- Scheduling and equipping volunteer leaders with materials for youth group lessons & programs - Communication of program: event calendar, social media posts, weekly newsletter


- Student integration into church life: worship, missions, children’s ministry partnership

- Leadership development/training & discipleship: youth leaders, students


- Foster personal student relationships

- Special events coordination & delivery




Education Level – A minimum of 2 years of college (or equivalent).

Experience – Similar job experience or volunteer experience will be considered.

Skill Set – Able to engage students, group facilitation, listening & coaching, outreach mindset, fundamental Bible knowledge

Licenses – Valid Driver’s License preferred

If interested or questions, call the StoneBridge office at 805.526.5475 or send a resume to


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